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Guangyu Rubber show in Southest-Asia Auto-parts exhibition
 Apr 20, 2023|View:574

Thailand is the largest hub for automotive production and export in the ASEAN region and the world's 12th-largest automaker overall. Additionally, Thailand produces a wide range of high-quality, international-standard vehicle parts and accessories.

We have been expanding our presence in the Southeast Asian market since 2018. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the plan was postponed for three years. In 2023, Guangyu began to emerge in Thailand. We chose the TAPA exhibition located in Bangkok, Thailand as our first stop.

During the 4days exhibition, we communicates with many Thai automotive endusers& automotive parts manufacturers,&material converters, and many trading companies, heared needs of many customers, at the same time,we made pipes with many potential customers.

ZH-2 (1).jpg

At this exhibition, we showcased Guangyu's best EPDM open-cell foam and closed-cell materials and their applications, showcasing high-quality products based on over 20 years of experience to our customers. At the same time, we also comprehensively introduced a series of solutions such as shock absorption, sealing, insulation, and flame retardancy in the fields of traditional automotives and EV-vehicles.

In the future, we will focus on Southeast Asia and develop into multiple markets such as Central Asia, Latin America, and Europe,we’ll bring the value of Made in China to our customers around the world.